Step 1: Login to Your Shot Messenger Account

(Click here to Set up your Shot Messenger Account, i case you haven't done it earlier)

Step 2: Go to Your Main Dashboard by Clicking the Shot Messenger Logo

Step 3: Switch "ON" the Facebook Page for which you want to use Shot Messenger. In this Case we are using "Test Product Business Page" as an example.

Step 4: Click on that Page Name & Go to that Page's Dashboard

Step 5: Click on "Add a Reply" in Auto Comment Menu

Step 6: Type the Keyword which you wish to use to Trigger Auto-Comment on this Page, also mention the Comment Which Should be send on your Page's Behalf & Also choose whether you want this comment to be in Public (Visible to All) or in Private (Send via Facebook Messenger to the user who commented that keyword)

Step 7: Now Click "Add Comment" to save this comment.